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Photography Guide

You’ve professionally cleaned your item, you’ve repaired any missing buttons and steamed any creases away. Now it’s time to bring your listing to life with professional imagery. Imagery can make or break a sale. Follow our expert photography tips to maximize the selling potential of your listing and watch the funds flow in.


The Importance of Flawless Imagery

Clear and concise imagery works in your favor as it showcases the natural selling points of the garment. Images capture the exact color, condition, and construction of a piece of clothing, so it pays off to create a professional photograph to enhance your listing.

De-clutter and Set the Scene

Let your garment steal the spotlight. Keep the setting clutter-free with a minimal backdrop. A plain white wall or door works perfectly here. There should be nothing in the frame that could distract a buyer’s attention away from your most prized designer item.


Always Opt for Natural Lighting

Make sure your lighting setup is second to none. Always take your pictures in the morning or early afternoon when there is an abundance of natural light and avoid using a flash when taking product photos as this can create a plethora of problems including unwanted glare and shadows.

Transparency Equals Trust

With so many ways to edit photos from your smartphone, it can be tempting to enhance product images with Apps but editing out flaws in the garment won’t work in your favor when listing your clothing and accessories for sale. Honesty is always the best policy.

Save Your Filters for Social Media

When showcasing an item to a buyer, it’s natural to want your clothing to look its best. Adding a filter to an image is almost second nature these days, but filters can alter the appearance of the color and texture of a garment, therefore we advise not to apply a filter in order to capture the item as accurately on camera as you can.

Now you’ve read our essential photography guide, you’re already steps closer to being a pro-seller!