Closet Porter
Closet Porter
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Our Sustainability Strategy


What is your Closet Costing the Planet?

10 percent of the world’s carbon footprint is created by the fashion industry. We love luxury fashion, but we don’t love the impact it leaves on the environment. With your help, we’re reshaping retail so that sustainability is a key factor.

Fashion’s Future is Spherical

When you shop with us, you are not only saving money on designer labels but allowing designer garments to stay in circulation. 95% of discarded clothing could be re-worn or re-used and it is our aim to give these garments a second lease of life, then a third, and a fourth.

Sustainability is one of the most pressing issues that the fashion industry faces at present and in a world of over-production, we help your pre-loved clothing find a new home in someone else’s wardrobe as opposed to a landfill site, after all, that’s what circular fashion is all about.


The first pivotal step we are taking to address this is to ensure all of the packaging we use is sustainable. This means boxes crafted from eco-conscious materials not to mention planet friendly processes.


We’re setting science-based sustainability targets to hold ourselves accountable and only working with brands and industry influencers that are committed to supporting eco-conscious practices.

Concerned About Your Carbon Footprint?

So are we. One garbage truck worth of fabric is dumped on a landfill every single second and we’re committed to preventing this. We know that sustainability is an ongoing process and we challenge ourselves to make continuous changes towards a carbon-neutral future. Join the fight against fast fashion and help us eliminate environmental harm today.