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Closet Porter FAQs


What Items Can I Sell On Closet Porter?

We accept listings of luxury designer and high-end high street clothing, shoes and accessories, in great condition only. Please note, due to the high volume of item submissions we receive, we will only only respond to your request if we choose to list the item.

What Items Do You Not Accept?

We do not accept any counterfeit goods, items that are of poor or damaged quality, items that have been altered to fit, or items more than a few seasons old, unless they are sought after Vintage pieces.

What Is The Authentication Process?

Before an item is sent to the buyer, it will pass through our head office where our experts will do a physical check of the item’s quality and authenticity. If the item is found to be counterfeit, or does not match the item description in the listing, it will not be sent to the buyer and all monies will be returned.

How Will My Item Be Priced?

You, the seller, has full control over the pricing of your item, but it will be approved by the Closet Porter team before it is live. We want you to obtain the maximum price for your garment, however, we do recommend it is priced fairly and competitively to achieve a sale, so an overpriced consignment may be rejected.

Can I Change My Mind?

If you no longer wish to sell the item, please get in touch with us at the soonest opportunity so we can remove the listing from Closet Porter.

Do You Take Commission?

Yes, our commission structure rests at 20% for basic sellers, and 30% for VIP Sellers.

How And When Will I Receive Payment?

Once your item has been purchased, the funds will initially be sent to Closet Porter. You will then be required to ship the item to our HQ, at your own cost, for our experts to quality check and authenticate the item. This must be done within 5 days of the purchase, or the sale may be cancelled. Once all checks are passed, we will send the item on to the buyer. The funds will then be released to you, minus our commission.

How Do I Package My Item?

In order to avoid damage to your item, suitable packaging is essential to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. We recommend that you package your item in a postal bag, and use bubble wrap and a rigid box for accessories. We assume items will arrive in the exact condition they are advertised in the listing images. Closet Porter does not accept responsibility for goods damaged in transit, and we advise that items are sent Tracked and with relevent insurance.

VIP Seller

What Is A VIP Seller?

Being a VIP seller has the added advantage of an exclusive hands-free listing process and is available to our sellers at an additional 10% commission fee.

How Does A VIP Account Differ From A Standard Seller Account?

A VIP seller account allows you to outsource the photography and listing admin to the Closet Porter team, who will curate a professional listing for you. Our team will professionally clean your item before creating a bespoke listing, giving you access to the Closet Porter in-house copywriting and photography team.

What Are The Costs Associated With Being A VIP Seller?

VIP sellers experience a similar commission structure, with a slightly higher commission rate of 30%.


What Happens When I Buy An Item?

When you buy an item on the Closet Porter site, it will be sent to the address registered to your Closet Porter account, directly from the seller, via our in house quality control and authenticity team.

Can An Item Be Returned?

Closet Porter is a luxury consignment site, where all items are sold by us on behalf of private individuals. Therefore all items purchased are neither refundable nor exchangeable once we have received payment. However, we will offer you the possibility to resell the item without commission within 72 hours. The item will be delisted at the purchase price and only a handling fee will be deducted.

How Do You Guarantee Authenticity?

We use a flawless approach to guarantee authenticity that includes quality checks carried out by our in-house experts. Our team examines the garment’s stitching, serial numbers, hardware, fonts and fabrics and highlights any flaws that could point to potential counterfeit issues. In an unlikely event that an item is proven not to be authentic, a full refund will be given.

What If My Item Differs From The Listing?

If you feel that your item differs from the description or imagery used in the listing, get in touch with our customer service team who are on hand to deal with any concerns.

Can I Relist An Item That I Have Purchased?

Yes, absolutely.


How Do I Reset My Password?

This can be done from the Change Password section in your Closet Porter account.

How Do I Contact Closet Porter?

Head to our Contact page on our website and use one of the various contact methods listed.

What Financial Data Do You Hold?

Rest assured, Closet Porter does not hold any of your financial data on our servers.

We only ask that you supply us with your bank account number and sort code, in order for us to initiate funds once you have sold an item.

How Do I Close My Account?

You can close your Closet Porter account at any time. If you choose to do so, your listings will be removed from our website instantly.


What Health & Safety Measures Do You Have In Place?

Health and safely is paramount here at Closet Porter, and we go above and beyond to keep everyone safe. All of our surfaces are regularly disinfected and we follow all health and safety guidelines issued by the UK Government.